Monday, 17 November 2014

Poland | Warsaw

My mum and I flew to Warsaw after spending 3 days in London. I've always thought of Poland as a very scenic country, and to be honest I was a little disappointed when I reached Warsaw. It's the capital of Poland so I was really expecting to see loads of things.... and I didn't. Not exactly. We checked into Ibis hotel, which was around 10 mins (walk) away from the old town centre (and coincidentally met a Singaporean who was queuing behind us at the check-in counter). There was a rocking chair in the lobby it was so much fun lolol. My mum and I dropped off our luggages and went straight out.

On the way to the old town, we walked by (what I thought was) a huge library and a park AND HOLYSHIT LOOK AT THOSE LEAVES. I was so happy to see trees with orange leaves lol. Especially when they're standing in a row. Slowly, there we saw less newer-looking buildings and more ancient-looking ones. There were lanes and alleys of quaint little shops and cafes with really pretty signage outside the shops (I love those with dragons) and we chanced upon a cosy little café where we had pretty good homemade quiche (though they got our order wrongly) and plum crumble. After walking through the beautiful alleys, we finally reached the old town square and I was like, oh that's it? ._. It was starting to rain and the sky was getting dark so I didn't get to walk around much, and maybe that was why I didn't get to see the town much (plus we stayed for one night only). There was supposed to be a castle somewhere, and I think I only walked by a part of it, ohwell. I'm glad I got to walk around the alleys leading to the old town square at least!

Had dinner at a traditional looking eatery (seriously, all the shops look super cosy) and had hot chocolate, traditional Polish dumplings and traditional roast meat (with some sort of purple veg stew-like side which my mum and I still can't figure out what it is). And that marks the beginning of our hot chocolate madness. Lol. (Quite a few restaurants in Poland and Czech Republic have an English version for their food menu, but not the drinks menu. So my mum and I always ended up ordering hot chocolate, in case we ordered something we don't drink (like coffee) or alcohol shots at brunch lol.) The dumplings were too floury for my liking but the filling was pretty good. Didn't walk around much at night because my mum doesn't like to so we headed back to the hotel after dinner. The sun was really nice the next morning on the way to the train station (cold weather with sun in my face is the best).

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Next stop: Poznań

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