Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Poland | Poznań | Stare Miasto

Arrived in Poznań and I absolutely love it! Took eons to find the hotel but when we's so gorgeous. One of my favourite hotels this entire trip! The (free) cookies in the dining hall were really good and the hotel was so pretty haha. Headed out towards Stare Miasto (Old Town) and chanced upon an ice cream shop. I ordered apple pie and yoghurt with wild strawberry. SO FUCKING GOOD. Seriously. I love ice cream and theirs is awesome. Went back the next day in the morning but they weren't open yet :/ So my mum and I walked into the small bakery café next door and a super huge and fluffy dog came running towards us and sniffing us all over; super cute. I wanted to say hi but I wasn't sure if he/she understood English ._. Got a plum crumble there too(probably the plum season, there're plum flavoured desserts everywhere, or maybe it's one of their staple fruits) and it was pretty good.

Poznań's old town is soooo pretty! Love those colourful buildings and little shops. I'd have to say though, that those rocky grounds are really for horses lol. Some gaps between the tiles are so large that my tiny feet kept on tripping ugh (really bad for luggage wheels too). But I figured, it's the old town after all haha.

Had an early dinner at a café in the old town square. Hot chocolate, as usual, but this time with peach liqueur added. It was so strong towards the end but well it kept me warm (and any peach addition is usually good). Their chocolate was pretty dark, less creamy, just the way i like mine.

I'm usually really against visiting museums because I'll probably find it boring or am not interested enough to make the entrance fee worthwhile. But while I was in Poznań, I really wanted to visit the Museum of Musical Instruments because I know they'll have some really cool pianos (and of course partly because Frédéric Chopin was born in Poland) obut it was already closed when we got there. I headed there early next morning before my flight to Kraków and managed to have a look inside. The next post on Poland will entirely be about the Museum of Musical Instruments!

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