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Czech Republic | Český Krumlov

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Český Krumlov - my favourite place in my entire Europe trip!
Seriously, this place is just amazing. I can imagine how gorgeous it would be in winter too, with snow. I would totally visit this little town again (in winter).

Český Krumlov is a small town in the south of Czech Republic. It's such a small and cosy town there isn't any bus/tram system there. My mum and I took a chartered vehicle (via CK Shuttle) from Prague and then we left for Salzburg via the same way. It's a town built along a freaking meander (that's fucking cool) and the bed & breakfast place we stayed at was amazing. It was so comfortable and cozy, and the location was convenient but still quiet (penzion/pension = guesthouse/b&b). The last photo shows the breakfast the host made for us, and we literally eat it while sitting in bed lolol. Although I didn't understand a word the hostess spoke and she doesn't speak English, it was a really pleasant stay and we somehow understood each other perfectly.

I was really excited about the place when we booked the transport and accommodation to visit Český Krumlov because according to Google Maps, our accommodation was just 15 mins (walk) away from a castle. Any town near a castle would be gorgeous, right? That was all I knew about the town before I arrived and it was already enough to make me very excited lolol. And when I found out that it was along a meander when I stood at one of the peaks of the castle and looked down at the town, it just blew my mind. It reminded me of the little artsy beautiful towns I visited in the south of France last summer, everything was so pretty.

This 'ulu'/really out-of-the-way town/village has quite a lot of tourists, surprisingly. We saw quite a few tourists from Korea and China (but still not as touristy as Prague) when we arrived. Our driver was really nice and as soon as we entered the village, he stopped by the roadside and we all wondered where he went. Turned out, he went to buy roses for all the ladies! It was such a wonderful welcome gesture, really sweet. The weather was on our side for a good half day with the sun shining bright (before it started to drizzle as the sun set). Had lunch at a restaurant near the old town square - chicken schnitzel and pancakes with blueberries. THEY WERE SO GOOD. Especially the pancakes. I think it's kind of like a traditional dessert in Czech Rep - mini pancakes with berry favoured sides.

This town is just amazing.

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Next stop: Salzburg (Austria)

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