Friday, 16 January 2015


Ribbed skirt | ASOS
Ribbed crop top | ASOS Petite
Bag | Givenchy
Leather vest | Dzojchen
Sunglasses | DVF
Grey studded leather bracelet | Balenciaga
Black & blue leather bracelet | Agnès b.
Watch | Nixon

I didn't mean to match the wall but yeah, this is probably the only time so much pink appears on my blog haha. I love mixing fabrics, and rib X leather is one of my favourite combinations. Actually, anything with leather will fall into that category lolol. Got this leather vest from Blueprint earlier this year (where I was going crazy over everything Dzojchen showcased at their booth). They work with lots of leather and I was in love with almost every piece (even the guy's stuff). So I headed down early in the morning to check out their stall after the showcase and I got this men's leather vest. I like its oversized fit and buttons. All it lacked were side pockets. I kept wanting to put my hands in pockets whenever I wear this vest but nope, there's nothing there. Ohwell. Still, a keeper.

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