Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tee en Cuir

Leather tee | Topshop
Pleather shorts | H&M
Sneakers | Supra
Bag | Furla
Leather bracelets | Balenciaga

This leather tee is sooooo soft and supple, and it's in one of my favourite colours - dusty pink. Picked it up in the Topshop sale last season and not surprisingly, there wasn't any UK4/6 left so I settled for UK8. It was a little big on me but hey, I wear oversized tops quite a bit too! Haha I'd have worn this look without the tights but I wore this for work at Topshop (few months back) and wasn't allowed to wear shorts/skirts without tights under it. I wore this tee tucked in/out of my shorts the entire day because I couldn't make up my mind which I preferred, but now I know - I prefer the tee tucked out!
Decided to go for a leather on (faux) leather look and paired it with leather accessories - my trusty tote bag and leather bracelets. Ever since I worked with Topshop in Summer, I started to shop with them again, partly because we had to wear Topshop items to work, but mainly because the petite collection is way bigger than it was before (compared to a few years back). I never used to be able to find clothes that fit my petite frame from Topshop before, so I stopped shopping there for a good few years, until I started working with them. Now that I don't work there anymore, I still am a huge fan of Topshop, especially the petite and basics collections!

The straps to this Furla bag was on the verge of snapping and the shops couldn't make a new pair of straps for me (wtf, don't think I'll get anymore Furla bags from now on, or at least bags that I want to put loads of things in). So I went to a leather shop and had a pair of straps made specially for this bag. I don't know how well the new leather straps can hold the weight of all the random things I put in my bag - usual stuffs: water bottle, DSLR, + tons of other random pouches, so I try not to hold it by the straps too often. Nowadays when I carry this bag, I carry it in my arms by just holding on to it like a clutch instead of holding it by the handles.

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