Thursday, 5 February 2015

London | The Sherlock Holmes Museum | Brighton

Photos of me by Yueli
Coat & grey hoody | Topshop Petite
Beige wool jumper | United Colours of Benetton
Jeans & boots | Zara
Black wool jumper & beanie | COS
Necklace | Agn├Ęs b.

Hung out with Yueli the week before I headed to Switzerland with Evelyn (more on that soon!) and we went to The Sherlock Holmes Museum on the first night. My camera was being cranky and I hated that the memory card was acting weird so I had to use my phone for photos that night. The wax figures inside the museum looked super creepy but the interior decor was gorgeous. All the little details were amazing.

Headed to Brighton the next day and my (another) memory card got screwed up too and I could barely take more than 10 photos using it. I was so mad we went around looking for a camera shop to ask what went wrong for almost a good hour (sorry Yueli!) and finally got the problem solved. Then we headed to the pier and it wasn't exactly like how we expected it to be but I still found it hauntingly beautiful. It was drizzling almost the entire day so the sky was super gloomy and the pier was semi-deserted. There weren't much people there (I think it'll be a lot more crowded in Summer) but I still liked the mood. Or maybe I liked it because it matched my all black (sans beanie) outfit haha. I was super happy to be wearing all black (as I always feel when I dress that way). The shopping in Brighton is pretty good, though I didn't get to actually shop, - they had quite a few shops I adore. AND THAT ICE CREAM SHOP. Seriously. the seasonal flavours are so unique and I loved the ones I ordered - roasted plum crumble & rhubarb crumble with custard. Loved the street art at Brighton too!

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