Saturday, 28 March 2015

Switzerland | Wilderswil | Mürren | Interlaken

Main 1: Slightly smoked filet of venison | pomegranate-fir honey crust |
tonka bean jus | curd spaetzle | braised red cabbage | glaced chestnuts |
poached apple with lingonberries
Main 2: Tender pork belly (48 hours slow roasted) | braised pork cheeks |
rosemary jus | mashed sweet potatoes | vegetables | pachetta crisp
Dessert: Hemp-brownie | sorbet of figs

Took a really long train ride from Berne to Interlaken but the scenery on the way was breathtaking. Would definitely love to go back there again, probably in spring/summer/early autumn! The lake was glistering and the clouds were so low. We checked into our accommodation in Wilderswil and the view from our balcony was amazing too. We wanted to go up to jungfraujoch that afternoon but the service was closed because the wind up there was just too strong, so we went for a 1+hour hike towards Zweilütschinen and taking many photos along the way. And from there, we took a train towards Mürren. Took a cable car up towards the top and managed to catch part of the sunset on the way up. The evening sun shining on the snow-capped mountains was beautiful. Went back down after the sun had set and went to look for dinner in Interlaken. Chanced upon a restaurant in a hotel and Evelyn and I first got attracted to the 'Michelin Guide 2013' sticker pasted at the door. We were both thinking: hmm Michelin? Gotta be good. So we went in haha. AND THE FOOD WAS AMAZEBALLS. Turns out it wasn't a Michelin Restaurant, probably just in the recommended list or something. But still, the food was exquisite and very delicious. We ordered 2 mains and a dessert to share, and received a complimentary appetiser. Everything was so good. The wine we had were great too, each to our own liking.

We decided to head back to the accommodation earlier after dinner and wake up real early (6-7am) the next morning so that we could catch the first train up to Jungfraujoch - the highest mountain in Europe. More on that in the next post, thanks for reading!

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