Saturday, 4 April 2015

P U N K I S N O T D E A D ! !

Tee & necklace | Agnès B.
Pleather skirt | Love, Bonito
Bag | Givenchy
Watch | Karl Lagerfeld

Visited the Agnès B. exhibition last year (I mean, how could I not go, right? haha). Everyone who knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of Agnès B. and music. The exhibition was awesome, and I was so tempted to buy everything (as usual, but I didn't of course). Got some free tattoos and stickers which I pasted on my MacBook Air and I used the tattoos on the insides of my Agnès B. notebook instead of on my skin lol.
Wore an (almost) all black outfit with a purple & black leather belt and my newest watch (which I've bought months ago but have never worn) from Karl Lagerfeld. It's so beautifully made and the details are amazing. As luxurious as the brand name sounds, Karl Lagerfeld watches are actually not as pricey as one might assume it to be. I bought mine for less than SGD 500 at Robinsons Orchard and most of the Karl Lagerfeld watches I saw there were less than SGD 500 too.

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