Thursday, 14 May 2015


Draped leather jacket & v-neck tee | Zara
Ridley Jeans | ASOS Petite
Bag | Mulberry
Necklace | Agnès b.

All black! No surprises there haha. I'm absolutely in love with this drapey leather jacket from Zara I bought in Austria. So glad to have found it in my size in Europe. The sleeves aren't atrociously long on me and it is sufficiently slim on the sleeves because they have rib panels (hopefully the camera caught that detail well!) and that makes the sleeves much slimmer than other jackets (yaye!). The jacket has quite a 'wrinkly' texture that's pretty cool and I've never had a leather jacket of that texture. This bag has seriously got to be one of my most used bag right now. Firstly, it's black. Goes with absolutely everything in my wardrobe haha. Also, it's way roomier than it seems. It can fit my DSLR (with basic lens) and a bunch of other things at the same time. Also, it also has a longer strap which I can sling over my shoulder and make the entire look look more casual. Without the straps, it can be worn with a more dressy outfit. I had to punch a ton of additional holes on the straps because I'm petite (6 extra holes, yes I'm that short haha).

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