Friday, 19 June 2015

Cuirs Pastels

Leather jacket | Selected Femme
Pleather skirt | Zara Girls
Tee | Thrifted
Bag | Bally
Shoes | Hugo Boss
Watch | Nixon
Black leather bracelet | Longchamp
Grey studded leather bracelet | Balenciaga

It's no surprise that this is one of my favourite leather jackets. Just look at that glorious dyed leather! What I want to talk about though, is this skirt. It fits me perfectly and is in a shade of pink that's acceptable (Pink is my least favourite colour LOL. I do, however, love dusty pink.) Although it's pleather, it feels super soft and comfortable on. Pink and grey has been one of my all time favourite colour combinations (since primary school I think?). Grey is kind of like...pastel black to me haha (this probably doesn't make much sense lol) and tons of pastels work well with each other. When in doubt about what colour to match a pastel shade with, grey is always a safe option. Whether it's pastel blue/pink/lilac/mint or whatever pastel hue, grey will match it and keeps the outfit from being all-over-the-place.

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