Monday, 22 June 2015

Red and Blue

Leather jacket | H&M
Rivington Jeans | ASOS Petite
Cropped top | Topshop
Boots | ASOS
Bag | Mulberry
Necklace | Agnès b.

Is this as colourful as my outfits get? Perhaps. Colours are often missing in my outfits (unless I'm going all out pastel haha) and I'm pretty stoked about how these photos turned out. They were taken on a realllyyyyy warm day just before a thunderstorm came and these colourful buildings are just too cute. I'm still in love at how versatile this bag is; it looks pretty small but is actually very roomy!

Also, this topshop cropped top is so comfy and easy to wear that I have 'collected' it in several colours! The fabric is thick and stretchy and the quality is superb. It comes in both solid colours and prints. I'm not sure if TS still stocks them but they do have a new cropped top in a similar style but they're ribbed and wayyyy thinner which looks nice too, but the quality didn't feel as great. That's weird though because they used to have ribbed crop tees which are insanely comfy.  Perhaps it's time to do something about the quality lol.

P.s. cake featured above: sweet potato cake from Dulcet & Studio (my mum and I looove it)

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