Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sheer Goodness

Knit | Topshop
Boots | ASOS
Bag | Mulberry
Watch | Hugo Boss
Necklace | Agnès B.

This knit. Ah where do I start.
It's obvious I'm a huge fan of v-necks and this dark grey knit tunic has the perfect one. It also has slits at both sides of the hem, another of my favourite detail. Plus, it has a longer back hem than front one and is super flattering on me!

And most of all, this knit tunic has sheer sleeves. This is the detail which attracted me (and my mum -   she was the one who wanted to purchase this first!) to it and it's so unique (though washing it is a bitch) I just fell in love instantly. A few days after purchasing this, I noticed that the petite range at Topshop had the exact same design too, ohwell. Thankfully the sleeves of this knit isn't overly-long on me. I figured if I did buy the petite version, I wouldn't be able to wear it as a dress anyway (which is how I like to wear oversized knits haha).

It's also the first time I tried wearing  my watch over a long-sleeved top and I think I like the look of it! Definitely something I'll try more often with fitted long sleeves.

Thanks for reading!

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