Monday, 17 August 2015


Outfit 1
Striped linen shirt | Zara
Striped linen skirt | thrifted
White slip ons | borrowed from my mum

Outfit 2
Black crop top | ASOS Petite
Shorts | Vero Moda via ASOS
Snakeprint leather strappy sandals | Tangs Studio
White shirt | Calvin Klein Jeans

Having missed the sunset the evening before (thanks to that awful traffic jam we were caught in during the day), I attempted to wake up at 6 in hopes of catching the sunrise but well.... that didn't happen. I ended up waking up at 6.45 and the sun was pretty much up ._.

Was too lazy to literally walk over to the beach to see what's left of the pretty sky so I just stood in our balcony. Finally got to see how my room looks like in the day and it was soooo pretty. It's slightly scary to be out on the balcony because the water is literally beneath our feet and I could see it through the gaps between the wooden floor panels. It was great falling asleep to the sound of the waves for sure haha.

Ian was supposed to come along and we booked 2 rooms (water chalets). Requested for them to be side by side (which was what we got) and it was pretty cool we can all stand in our own balconies and still talk to each other. Sadly Ian fell ill just before the trip and couldn't come so my mum and I shared a room instead (and sorry dad you had to sleep alone). Each room had a window side bed / sofa kind of thing (really, it can be a proper bed for me because I'm short enough) and it felt so nice to just chill on it.

Went for a walk along the beach (supposedly a private beach, and it was dirty as hell - tons of bottles and plastic bags pfttt). Wore these amazing shorts from Vero Moda (obviously too big for me but I didn't care anyway haha). Love the print on it but I really wished they came in a UK4 ._. (Ordered them in XS (UK8) on ASOS, ohwell.)

Had breakfast in the city centre after roaming around the beach for a while and had some awesome noodles at a stall recommended by locals. The Kolo Mee was so popular (and tasty) we had the last bowl they were left with. Drove around for a bit and went back to the resort, just in time to feed rabbits lol. (This wasn't planned.) My favourite was the rabbit with one ear up and one ear drooping down. Roamed around the resort a little more and we checked out at noon. I genuinely felt that we didn't spend quality time in the resort (because we arrived so freaking late zz) to justify the price spent on the rooms but ohwell. We drove to Malacca after checking out because I wanted to pop by Jonker Street to see what it's like and IT WAS SO BLOODY WARM. Tons of great street art which got me really excited though. More on that in my next (and last) post about this road trip!

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