Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Muscle tank | Agnès B.
Skirt & outerwear | Thrifted
Boots | Miista 
Bag | Givenchy
Watch | Karl Lagerfeld (Similar face, in chain here)

ON VIT AVEC LA MUSIQUE. How apt. I would hate to live in a world without music and I would definitely hate to wear a slogan shirt which I don't resonate with. This one ticks all the right boxes for me! BNW, apt slogan, bolts and muscle tank cut. How could I not love this?! It's my favourite muscle tank top in my closet right now haha. Absolutely soft and comfy, I can pair it with any bottoms. In this outfit, I paired it with a faux leather panel skirt and it was the last time I ever worn that skirt. I am not a fan of faux leather as it doesn't hold up as well as genuine leather and well, this skirt starting peeling. Badly. Lucky I had this draped jacket on to help cover parts of the skirt.

Had lunch with my mum at a restaurant in Clarke Quay and the food was mediocre. The interior decor of the restaurant and the venue was well-thought and might appeal to many others, but not me. I've heard of people taking wedding photos in that restaurant too. The food however, was really mediocre and that's all I can say lol.

Had a lot of fun walking around Meidi-ya (my favourite thing to do at Liang Court other than eating yummy cakes at Dulcet & Studio) and discovered so many amazing chocolates. I think I spent a bomb on chocolates that day oops. My favourite among the lot was the organic Stone Ground Chocolate. It had such amazing mysterious and wonderful texture I've never felt in a bar of chocolate before. So sooooooooo good. A close run for Number 1 was Dolfin dark chocolate with orange peel. I had it in Bruxelles before and I missed it, thank god Miedi-ya stocks it too.

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