Friday, 2 October 2015

Pop of Purple

Duster coat | New Look Petite
Boots | ASOS
Lace top | Urban Outfitters
Corduroy skirt | Zara Girls

So.... this duster coat has appeared again! Sorry but not sorry haha. It's such a great piece, I can't help but to keep styling and wearing it! Everything about this duster coat is perfect for me - the length, the cut, the colour, the design..and the list goes on. Petite collections are really a godsend for tiny-me. Added a pop of colour in this outfit with this corduroy skirt which is realllllyyy comfy. The pockets are super cute (I know I can't put anything in them at all but they're really great for when I'm rushing out the house - I'll put my necklaces/rings in there so I can put them on on the go).

Went to the World Street Food pop-up/festival a few months back and I'd have to say, it wasn't the best street food experience I had. The air was pretty bad and I didn't want my eyes to get irritated so my mum and I just tried some stuff and got out of there. Some huge ass fans in the area would have made it so much better. Ventilation is VERY important to me, apparently.

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