Saturday, 21 November 2015

Mixed Textiles | Perks of Being Petite

Tunic (worn as dress) | Zara
Shoes | & Other Stories
Leather bracelet | Balenciaga
Bag | Mulberry

No surprise, this is a actually meant to be a tunic top for most people. Love the mixed textiles used on this piece, it's cotton in the front and viscose ish at the back. Love such details! Also love the fact that I can save money by buying tops and wearing them as dresses, which usually costs cheaper than dresses haha. It's simple shape makes it super wearable and it's such a casual piece to just throw on and get out the house quick. The hem is also very interesting - rounded with a faux inner. This just adds to the fun on top of the different textiles used. Details like these make all black pieces way cooler and unique.


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