Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Tweed on Tweed

Black boatneck 3/4 sleeve top | ASOS Petite
Tweed skirt | Zipia
Tweed coat | Pull & Bear (similar here and I'm loving this tweed jacket too)
Plectrum necklace | Posh Totty Designs
Shoes | Zara
Sunglasses | Super Sunglasses

So.... when I'm not mixing and clashing textiles, I like to go all out and wear a matching set! This tweed skirt has been in my closet for at  least 5 years and it's still one of my favourite high waisted skirts. The fit is great (of course it has to be great, I had it specially tailored to fit me) and the fabric is still holding up pretty well. It isn't scratchy at all on the inside as it is lined and I think it makes my butt looks awesome haha. I personally think that because I'm petite, bodycon/formfitting apparel (skirts/dresses etc) in thicker fabrics look better on me as compared to when the fabrics are thin. I think fit is key, seriously extremely important, and it can make or break an outfit. Such heavy fabrics can easily drown a petite girl but if it fits well, it can be great too.

Also, let's talk about that sad tree in the background. It makes a cool backdrop for photos but I'm sad that another tree is down. Not sure why it was cut down but it has been in the park for a long time and I'm gonna miss it.


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