Sunday, 27 December 2015

BNW | Details

Blouse | Mango (XS)
PU Skirt | Love, Bonito (XS)
Heels | Zara
Bag | Bally

Black / black and white items have always existed in my wardrobe and I'll admit I have quite a number of them now. However, I promise they are not all the same. How can that be? You may ask. Well, that's because when I make a purchase, I appreciate all the subtle (and not so subtle) details and to me, those are the reason why each piece I have is different and special.

I love the sporty trim on the side of this blouse and the crossover/cut of the skirt hem. This blouse is from Mango's suit collection and the crepe fabric is really breathable and comfy. This skirt, oh this skirt. It has been making steady appearances on this space and is one of my favourite skirts. I love leather (if only this was made of real leather) but leather is one of the most difficult textiles to sew across and most alteration shops reject leather items as they are seriously a pain in the ass to alter. But this one. This skirt fits me perfectly - I'm so thankful I found it. Love it so much I even have it in red!

Here are some alternatives I'll really love to get - if only they made it in my size:
ASOS Pleather Wrap Skirt
Boss Orange Pleather Mini Skirt 
ASOS Buckled Mini Skirt
Mango Genuine Leather Skirt


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