Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Black Textures

Crepe blouse | Mango
Tweed skirt | Zara Girls (love this tweed skirt with lace and this bucked one too!)
Shoes | Kurt Geiger London
Hat | H&M (similar here)
Bag | Givenchy

Absolutely in love with this H&M hat even after I've had it for so long! It's the kind of well made item that I always find myself reaching for and it makes EVERY outfit look so much more chic instantly. How can that be??

I love tweed mini skirts because it works really well for my body shape even though I'm quite petite. It makes me appear less skinny and a well fitted tweed skirt can show curves really nicely. Sadly, I've outgrown this skirt slightly (had it for at least 5 years now!). It's a tad shorter than the length I like my mini skirts to be in, mainly because I've been working out (focusing on my ass) a lot more in recent years and so this skirt became shorter on me :( ohwell.

And of course, me being such a fan of minor details, this crepe blouse is no normal blouse! The shape of the sleeve cuffs are quite special - they have a slight v shape. I love such little details which probably no one else would notice until I tell!


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