Monday, 4 January 2016

BNW Silver | Alive Museum '14

Lyocell tee | Zara
Shorts | M)phosis
Pleather biker vest | Thrifted (similar here and here)
Alice Boots | Miista (Love this pair too!)
Watch | Nixon
Leather bracelet & necklace | Agn├Ęs B.

Went to Alive Museum at Suntec City w Ian, Alyssa and KV some time back (summer 2014) and we had quite a lot of fun. I'm glad I changed Ian's perception about museums. He hates visiting them because he thinks its boring but this particular one was pretty fun.

Went with a classic black and white outfit that day but decided to jazz it up with this pair of silver boots from Miista. Looking at these photos... I don't think I can fit into this pair of shorts anymore? They are definitely still somewhere in my wardrobe but I haven't worn them in such a long time. Maybe it's time I update my wardrobe again, haven't had the time to do it in 2 years (geez that's very long). I used to do it at least once a year. I'll have to admit, working life is wayyyy busier and crazier than school life - but no regrets, I'm still glad I'm done with Uni and would probably not want to go back anytime soon. I've been feeling this way since.... year 1 of uni!


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