Monday, 15 February 2016


Crop top (UK4) | ASOS
Rivington jeans (UK2) & Pleather jacket (UK4) | ASOS Petite
Shoes | McQueen
On my wrist | Banana Republic, Agnès B., Longchamp
Bag | Bally

I usually prefer straps that go straight down at the back instead of cross backs but this one appeared exceptionally appealing to me. The classic sweetheart neckline (one of my favs) stole my heart and there's something about that D-ring which made the top look a lot more graphic - as though the straps were not connected (when seen from far). I'll admit, wearing a strapless bra is one of my greatest hates in life. This one is worth it (for no more than a few hours though). This top is surprisingly fitted enough to support my boobs too and it's not even from Petite! (I did still had to alter the straps shorter though). I love how it looks somewhat graphic yet still super simple and chic from the back.

Crop tops have always been my thing. It can easily be dressed up or down, depending on what it is worn with, what style it is in, what material it's made of and how it fits the person wearing it. For work appropriate crop tops, MDS Collections has some pretty nice ones. I remember walking by the Westgate store a few weeks back and being attracted to a super chic work outfit on the mannequin. Of course I went in and tried on a few things - and I absolutely loved a black double breasted longline blazer. Ugh thinking back, I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT! But I didn't, because uhm (slightly guilty), I've already bought 2 other black jackets earlier that week (yes, some self-control there). Oops. Well, nothing haunts us more than the things we didn't buy. Back to crop tops, it can be paired with high waisted pencil skirts for a work-appropriate outfit or simply as I have done here - with jeans and slip ons for a casual look. I love layering up while wearing crop tops too because I'm not always confident with my bum. I think crop tops are very flattering for me, especially from the front view but from the back view, it really depends on what bottoms I wear. Some bottoms absolutely butcher my ass while some really accentuate its perkiness.  I believe this is the case for many ladies too but unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to their side/back view. To be fair, I don't usually have enough time to even check myself out in the mirror before I leave home (yup, almost always late and in a rush to get out the house lol) but when I am trying out a new outfit combination or match new styles together - pieces that I weren't sure if they would go well with each other - I make it a point to at least catch a glimpse of myself 360 degrees before I step out the door.

Also, this mightttt just be the last time this faux leather jacket is appearing here. It's starting to show some signs of ageing :(

Oh and let's take a moment to appreciate the beauty of that lovely black matte studded chain bracelet. I saw it at Banana Republic, bought it and wore it straight away! Totally unexpected from Banana Republic. I walked in hoping they had the Petite range but the Singapore stores do not have that, sadly. I got a bunch of workwear from the store in London (many of them are my fav, tbh) and they were all on sale from the Petite range. How awesome.


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