Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Silk-blend tee | H&M Conscious (almost identical here and here!)
Denim skirt | Zara Girls
Pleather vest | Feist Heist
Bag | Bally
Shoes | Tangs Studios
Watch | Nixon
Leather bracelet | Balenciaga
Sunglasses | Super Sunglasses

The OCD in me is annoyed by how creased the back of this pleather vest is. Can pleather even be ironed? I have no idea. Was afraid of ruining so I ended up leaving the house with all those creases on my back. Well at least I can't see them (without a mirror) when I'm wearing it!

Also, this silk blend tee has been making appearances on this space wayyy to many times - but that just shows how versatile it is! Definitely an investment piece worth every penny.


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