Monday, 14 March 2016


Jacket & cami top | Zara (more amazing grey cami tops here and here!)
Skirt | Zipia (now called dahong)
Shoes | Aldo
Bag | Bally
Necklace | ASOS
Watch | Hugo Boss

Silver is kind of sort of a shade of grey too, right?
I love mixing different shades of a colour in an outfit. Threw on a bunch of greys and I'm good to go!

These heels were love at first sight for me. I saw them in stores but the only pair left in my size had some defects so when the saleslady kindly offered to transfer another pair to the store near my place, i readily accept it and was super excited for the new pair to arrive. It did a few days later, and I bought them. Then when I got back home, I fell out of love with it. For weeks, I had no idea what to match them with and somehow I felt that something about it just wasn't right. So it sat in its shoe box for weeks.  And then I finally decided one day that I was going to wear this, no matter what. And so I did. It didn't turn out too bad eh? I think I'm back in love with it. Only downside: the heel is so slim I don't ever dare to put any pressure on it while on the escalator.


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