Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Korea | March 2016 | Day 4 | Busan | Gamcheon Cultural Village

one of my favourite photos I've taken of my mum on this trip

We took a flight out of Jeju to Busan and spent a night there. After checking in to the hotel and dropping our bags, we got on a bus and went straight to Gamcheon Cultural Village. It was almost sunset when we arrived and the sky was gorgeous as we explored the area. There were tons of mural art and they were all amazing! I stopped every few steps to get a photo and stayed there till the sun went down. Loved walking around the area and exploring all the little alleys. Went back to the city for dinner after and had pretty good dinner. There were soooo many side dishes we could barely finish them. Have always known that Korean restaurants give tons of side dishes but we always forget about that and didn't know if it would be impolite if we told them we didn't want the side dishes. We weren't sure of what we ordered but they all turned out pretty yummy. Went back to the hotel early that night to request for the hotel staff to help with booking a taxi for the next day, really early in the morning to catch the sunrise. More on that in the next post!

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Korea | March 2016 | Day 4 | Jeju


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