Saturday, 4 June 2016

Korea | March 2016 | Day 4 | Jeju

After our first night, we were told that there was breakfast in the kitchen and that we could help ourselves to it but we didn't realise that there were so many side dishes usually in a Korean meal. My mum and I thought it was only soup and rice (which seemed pretty seasonable too). Our host felt really bad that she didn't tell us about the side dishes (not her fault, really!) and prepared a really awesome breakfast after our second night there (the day were were gnna leave). The food was really good! Loved the dried oranges too (Jeju Hallabong oranges are so good!!)
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We went by Hallasan before heading to the airport on my last day in Jeju and this made me realise - I definitely definitely definitely want to come back to Jeju! Hallasan is soooo pretty, I really want to visit again in autumn. Spent way too little time there as we were rushing to return the car and catch our flight to Busan that afternoon but the weather was amazing (as usual, seriously - Jeju's weather was really great to us) and it's just so freaking pretty there!!

Also, that burger was amazing. Had that at Jeju Airport (forgot the name of the fast food chain though, oops) while waiting for my flight. It's one of the best fast food burgers I've had!


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