Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Shirt (XS) | Mango
Denim skirt (11-12 years old) | Zara Girls
Watch | Mauboussin
Bag | Saint Laurent
Shoes | Kookaï
Sunglasses | RetroSuperFuture

Classic pieces were what I reached for this past weekend (and every other weekend, or rather, every other day) and this white shirt has got to be one of my all-time-favourite white shirts. I admit, I am always on a lookout for classic (but still slightly different) white shirts. The first few places I look to are always Mango, Zara and All Saints. Being a fan of online shopping, Mango Singapore is possibly the most convenient to shop online!

White shirts tend to be slightly sheer in nature but this one is made of a textured fabric, which blurs the undergarment outlines a little and any bra which matches the skin tone would work (alternatively, works great over a bikini too!). It's super comfy and I love the fit of it on me. It's not super duper white either, which works a lot better for my skin tone too.

A classic white (or in this case, slightly off-white) shirt can be worn with soooo many different items and can totally work for casual/formal outfits. In this outfit, I paired it with one of my favourite light wash denim skirt and to me, it is the perfect combination. I'm a sucker for blue denim and white together! White looks great with both dark washed and light washed denim, while (in my opinion) black looks way nicer with dark wash denim only (but really, thats just my personal opinion! I know of others who love light washed denim with black pieces and their outfits are always amazing), maybe I'm the weird one here.... Have also contemplated really hard whether I should get the black version of this bag when I was making the purchase because I'll get wayyyy more use out of it but it's times like these where I'm glad I went with this red one because I love how it looks with denim. Nothing better than a lovely red bag to jazz up a white blouse and denim combination!

Went to check out a weekend market with my parents on this day and it was the perfect outfit for walking around, trying all sorts of food (thank goodness no sauce stains) and had one of the best macarons I've tried in SG! (Fav is still TWG earl grey chocolate, of course.) Bought tubs of ice cream home - enough to last my mum and I a couple of days.

Also, I just want to mention - I love the pop of colour at the side of my shoes too - and I assure you, it is not pink. It's coral. ish.

p.s. it's my birthday today and my mum & I are going to catch a french film tonight - super excited!


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