Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Korea | March 2016 | Day 5 | Busan Hae Jung Yong Gung Temple Sunrise | Seoul

COS wool jumper | River Island Boys shirt | All Saints jacket | ASOS Petite jeans

One of the most amazing sunrises in my life! (Not much competition, since I rarely wake in time to catch one haha). We left the hotel at 5am because the sunrise was estimated to be around 6 am and according to the hotel receptionist, it takes around an hour to get there. She booked a taxi on our behalf (because most taxi drivers don't speak english and we don't speak Korean). It was 5 am on a Monday. On the way, we saw many people leaving clubs LOL. Kids there even club on Sunday nights.... I don't know what to think about that haha. There weren't many cars on the road and the taxi driver drove super fast - we arrived at the temple at 5.30 am. IT WAS FUCKING COLD. And dark. So we just stood there and waited for the sunrise. I didn't dare to eat the cake I brought with me because I saw wild monkeys on the way in and I thought they might come snatch my food lol.

Saw the recommendation to catch the sunrise there in a travel brochure, thinking it might be a hot tourist destination. When we arrived, there were no one else apart from those working in the temple. Not so touristy after all... or maybe they're just not that dumb to go out there in the atrociously cold weather (0-4 degrees that morning). The temple is one of the few coastal temples I've ever heard of and it's gorgeous, and so was the sunrise! (and I obviously love taking photos of the sun)

The location of the temple was quite secluded. We didn't know how to get back to the city centre after watching the sun rise so we walked a long way and got onto a random bus which a passerby said would take us to the nearest train station. We were very obviously tourists, with me looking at the road names and sign boards at every single stop because I didn't want to miss out stop and the bus driver barely spoke english too. Got back to the city centre around 8-9 ish am and most shops were not opened yet so we chilled at Starbucks (or rather, warm ourselves up at Starbucks) and got a Houjicha latte. Pretty darn good.

Took a train to Seoul in the afternoon and arrived just before dinner time. Our hotel was in the Sinsadong area and we had the best ginseng chicken soup for dinner at a ginseng chicken eatery just a couple of minutes' walk away.


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