Thursday, 20 October 2016

Turkey | October 2015 | Day 1

ASOS socks

Perhaps you guys already know this, but I'm (almost) always late on sharing my travel photos, mainly because I always take an insane amount of photos when I'm travelling and there are just too many for me to get through the moment I come home, and by the time I have some capacity to go through the photos, it's usually one season later, and it's totally irrelevant to the current matters anymore. Hence, since I'm already late, why not just be even later. That's why I usually post my travel photos one year later, and I usually try to post them on the same dates they were taken the previous year (also makes my blogging schedule way easier). So... Turkey 2015 travel diary - here we go!

Last October, my mum and I decided to go to Turkey for a short vacation (8 days ish, if i didn't recall incorrectly). We visited a travel fair at MBS and signed up for a tour group. The package was way less expensive compared to tother european countries, and we have not visited Turkey previously so we thought, why not? (other than the fact that there was a bombing incident which happened there a couple of weeks before we went). Lost a day on the flight, as usual, because (I think) that's how 90% of tours work. By the time we reached Turkey, it was pretty late in the day and we just drove a couple of hours straight to the hotel to chill for the night, and that's about it!

p.s. the Nestlé dark choc bar was so good, I bought at least 5 more during the trip and brought more back with me to Singapore!


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