Tuesday, 1 November 2016

self-portrait Spring 2017 | Singapore Fashion Week 2016 | Hello Stranger

photos of me by Evelyn

Brigitte T-Shirt in Caban (XXS) | Aritzia
Skirt (EU 32) | H&M
Boots | Kurt Geiger
Bag | Balenciaga
Choker (bracelet) | Agn├Ęs B. (homme)
Watch | Emporio Armani

Had a great time w one of my fav people in the world on Sunday night at the self-portrait Spring 2017 show!

Evelyn and I were obviously channelling super different vibes that day but wtv haha we were still pretty much on a similar colour palette. Had fun squeezing in the photobooth (I think this is actually our first photobooth together) and the show was pretty good!

I have been waiting to wear this top for the longest time - since I got it in NY in September. I think Aritzia is probably one of my fav brands now. XXS fits me so freaking well! I fell in love with soooo many things in store when I was in NY and spent an eternity in there trying on all sorts of stuffs. The quality of their garments are pretty good - this top is realllllyyyy soft but still thick enough not needing to wear a bra. I was devastated to find out that they didn't ship internationally when I left NY but they now have international shipping and I AM SO EXCITED - I'm sure I will place an order soon!!!

Also, I have an absolute hate for anything that covers my throat because I feel like I'm being strangled all the time (even my hair falling across my neck kills me sometimes) but I realllyyy wanted to try out a look and styled this top with a choker like accessory (which I didn't have any) so I went with this precious star leather bracelet Ian gave me on our third anniversary. Took it off right after the show as soon as I left the venue hahaha. Looks great while it lasted.

Many thanks to HerWorldPlus for the invite!


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