Friday, 25 November 2016

Suede Boots

Dress (XS) | Sparkle & Fade - Urban Outfitters
Suede boots | Banana Republic
Leather jacket | Turkey
Bag | Givenchy

Wore these gorgeous suede boots for the first time in SG (their first outing was in NYC, where we walked quite a bit and they didn't hurt at all!!) and I just love it more and more. It's my first pair of suede boots and I hope I can keep them in condition for a long time. It's really humid in SG so I realllyyy have to air them regularly! Got them in the Labor Day sale when I was in San Francisco that weekend. It has the loveliest pointed toe and the heel is really slim! Only think I wish it had was a higher heel - 2cm more would be perfect! On the flip side, this height is so walkable and comfortable, I could seriously walk in them all day!

Paired them with an extremely old dress, probably the first dress I've ever gotten from UO several years ago!



  1. Boots are very trendy this days because of the weather, i love that suede boots of yours and also the motor jacket, ^^ you look so awesome on that outfit. ^^