Wednesday, 1 March 2017


Blazer (UK12) & vest (UK6) | Topshop
Trousers (11-12 y/o) | Zara Kids
Shoes | ASOS

All these items I have on me have been in my wardrobe for the longest time. The oldest has got to be this pair of heels - probably one of the first pair of shoes I bought on ASOS! It was heavily discounted and back then they didn't offer free returns from SG, so I thought, since it was pretty cheap I could just order it and try out the size. It fits pretty well but it's so freaking high! I can't walk too fast in them and hence I really don't wear them often. The other green-toned item in this outfit is this amazing crepe mint blazer which is seemingly a couple of sizes too big for me but I really like oversized outerwear (yup, even for work haha) and since this fabric is really soft and drapes well, the extra fabric wouldn't hurt. I would definitely prefer how this fits me as compared to how the size 6 one would! The lapels are rather unique, and I absolutely loveeee the seam detail at the back!


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