Sunday, 9 April 2017


photos of me by Yueli

Shirt & Rivington jeans (both UK2) | ASOS Petite
Shoes | Bally
Bag | Saint Laurent
Belt (XXS) | ASOS
Watch | Emporio Armani

Had a great (though short) time out with Yueli yesterday at the Coco Chanel pop up café at the Visual Arts Centre (Dhoby Ghaut, 8-16 April, 11am - 8pm daily). We went for the 11am-2pm slot and because of the rain in the morning, we just didn't feel like getting out of bed. When we finally did, we arrived at 1.20 ish, which left us not a lot of time to hang around the café. Not complaining though, it for really crowded at some point and I would really not want to stay around any longer. The interior decor was really nice and I was so so so happy that one of my fav lipstick lines (the Stylo) had a new colour (since I last checked them out) that I really like, called Sépia (and apparently it's limited edition). Love the colour loads and as usual, I really love the Stylo formula - it's super moisturising! 7/9 of my lipsticks are from Chanel - my all time faves are Rouge Coco Shine - Monte-Carlo (my fav since 2014) & Rouge Coco Stylo - Lettre. Very tempted to try Rouge Coco - Marthe & Suzanne (I had Adrienne but lost it, still devastated till this day) too but I really don't need that many lipsticks. (Yes, 7/9. I have a grand total of 9 lipsticks and I find it's too many for me! The other 2 are from Dior, one of which I only use it probably once every quarter because its such a dark colour and I don't usually go all out with  makeup lol. Also because I really dislike the packaging of that lipstick and the smell isn't pleasant to me). In general, I tend to use lipsticks that I can easily apply without even looking in the mirror. Yes, I am that lazy haha. Who has the time to constantly check themselves out in the mirror and take one full minute to apply lipstick?

So back to the café, I'm glad we went for the morning slot and was almost late for it, because there were soooo many people queuing to enter as we were leaving!  There was a photo booth in there, and the queue was atrociously long too as we were leaving. That said, the drinks and the tart was amazing. I had the chocolate raspberry one, absolutely loved it!

Didn't have a single black apparel/accessory on me because I decided that since it was supposedly a spring/summer event, I should probably go for something more bright - and this will probably be the only time I actually try out/go for the pink&red trend that's really on right now. This bag made it all easy! I don't have many pink clothing items and this shirt purchase came about mainly because it was available in Petite UK2, meaning the sleeves won't be too long for my arms and it wouldn't be too baggy on me. I like linen shirts, but this one was way thicker/rougher than I liked. I'd have to say though, it didn't feel as rough on as I imagined it'd be after a couple of hours.

A random side note, I'm not sure if there's a difference but I actually put on some blusher before leaving home today! The last time I had blusher on was probably for my dance performance in February, and that's it for this year. Woke up with eczema on one cheek (near by cheekbone) so I decided to even out the redness and applied blusher on the other cheek lol.

(ok I lied about having nothing black on me, I just remembered that my belt is black lol)


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