Sunday, 9 July 2017


Sweatshirt (S) | Pull & Bear
Skirt (UK2) | ASOS Petite
Belt | ASOS
Shoes | Kurt Geiger
Bag | Bally
Watch | Emporio Armani
Necklaces | Agn├Ęs b.

This cap!! Found it in a little boutique in when I was in New York and had to bring it home with me. It's by a local designer (so I was told) and the sales assistant happened to be a Singaporean too. The embroidery on it was too cute to pass. I love the back more than the front tbh. Still, love the colours too.

Also this skirt - it's actually suede leather and as much as I am a fan of leather, part of me wished that it was real suede because suede moulds so easily in SG! When it comes to suede leather garments, I usually go for faux suede instead just because it is so much easier to maintain and can last wayyyy longer in my wardrobe.

Some beauty randoms: ever since I found out that Dior does a balm-ish version of their lipsticks (Rouge Dior Baume), I have been obsessed. Smells really nice (not rosy like the Chanel ones that I love, but more of a fruity scent, which I enjoy too) and is quite moisturising too. Also, that blusher from Sephora was my member birthday gift last year! Have yet to use it though - I rarely ever use blusher. Who needs blusher when you've got eczema on the cheeks??


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