Tuesday, 11 July 2017

the silk shirt | casual edit.

Silk shirt | Calvin Klein
Jeans | Korea
Bag | Balenciaga
Shoes | Zara
Watch | Nixon

So earlier this year, I shared a look based on this silk shirt too here - totally work appropriate. This time, I styled it way more casually and it just shows how versatile this shirt is! I seldom buy items which I can't dress it both up/down, and one thing I always consider before purchasing something is if I can style it ini at least 3 different looks (preferably different vibes too) - which is why I seldom invest in dresses, because really, most of them can only be worn in one specific style - with either a change of bag/shoes. It's great for those lazy/shitiwokeuplate days though!

This look is really simple on it's own, with some simple accessories. I believe the greatness of this shirt speaks for itself!


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