Wednesday, 12 July 2017

double denim stripes

Striped knit tee | thrifted
Denim jacket (XS) & jeans (EU34) | Zara
Bag | Saint Laurent
Shoes | ASOS

So... I hope you all are not sick of seeing this bag yet! I have been wearing it with so many different outfits since I've gotten in (mostly basics tbh) and I love how much things it can fit. I also am so glad I had more holes punched on the shoulder strap so it sits nicely on my hip when I carry it on my shoulder.

This day, I decided to go for another double denim look and went extra classic with a cream striped top. I love short sleeved/sleeveless knits because it means I can layer it up with an outerwear in SG's weather. 2 long sleeves is never possible with SG's humidity!


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