Tuesday, 19 December 2017

grey black navy

Jacket | Izzue
Top (XS) | Mango
Trousers (UK2) | ASOS Petite
Shoes | McQueen

Had this jacket for agesss (at least 6 years) and I still love the fabric and fit loads. It is from a Hong Kong label which I have been liking for a few years now and I am finally going to HK for a vacation in January. Can't wait!! The last time I visited HK was more than 12 years ago. My bf and I plan to spend a day at Disneyland and even though I am excited to meet tinkerbell, I am so fucking disappointed to hear that there will not be fireworks anymore at HK Disneyland after 1 Jan 2018. I was so looking forward to watching the fireworks over the castle sigh.
On a slightly more positive note, I have already made a list of the shops I want to check out - Monki (of course), Izzue and Agnès b. are top on the list. I know there are already several Agnès b. outlets in SG but there are Agnès b. cafes in HK (which I am very envious about). I have only been to the ones in Taipei and can't wait to check out the HK ones!!


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