Saturday, 22 November 2014

Poland | Kraków aka Cracow

Our flight from Poznań to Kraków was delayed for almost 2 hours and the pilot made up for half the time by flying super fast lol. Even I could somewhat feel that the plane was flying way faster than usual. Well maybe it's not too bad that the flight was delayed after all, because I managed to catch a part of the sunset up in the air and it was amazing.

Checked in to the Aparthotel at Kraków and it was super cosy-looking. The brick walls freaked my mum out and we tried very hard not to think about what living organisms there might be in the room other than us lol. It had an attic like roof and the top of my head could touch the ceiling at one part of the room.

Kraków was the most 'touristy' city out of the 3 Polish cities I visited. Had 'rosti' the next day from a stall along the road and it was soooo good. Love Wawel Castle too and almost every wall was so pretty with red/pink plants growing on it. On the way to Wawel castle, there was this lady playing a supercool instrument (probably self-improvised) which includes a sword. The music sounded really haunting and beautiful and it was super apt listening to it while walking towards the castle (and it was drizzling really mildly too). Perfect ambience. I had a Polish friend from French class who told me there wasn't much to do in Poland and well.... compared to other cities, maybe that's a little true (in terms of shopping) but there probably are many little shops and parts of the cities I didn't discover and Poland's so pretty! Dreamy, fairytale-ish and beautiful.

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Next stop: Prague

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