Thursday, 13 November 2014

London | King's X

Khaki green boatneck cotton tee & black jeggings | ASOS Petite
Black hooded jacket | Agnès b.
Grey wool tee & dark grey wool cardigan | COS
Black coat | Gingersnaps
Boots | Nine West
Faux leather slip ons | Topshop

The day after my birthday, we had lunch at Macs and what can I say, Chicken Selects never disappoint me (the ones in Prague tastes different and I prefer the UK ones. McNuggets in France, however, are great). Sent Ian to the train station after lunch and then my mum and I headed to the huge Topshop at Oxford Circus (I got lost inside and when we finally left the shop, the sky had darkened lol).
The following day, my mum and I went to Bicester Village (outlet shopping). It was raining the entire day so I didn't take any photos there. I've finally gotten the bag which I've been eyeing for some time (but when I got to Vienna and saw this season's new collection - which includes the same bag in another type of leather I prefer - I was just like ah damn it). No surprises. It's black :D

And that concludes my London trip with my mum in October. Next stop: Poland.
Thanks for reading!

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