Monday, 10 November 2014

London | Shoreditch East London | Birthday Dinner at Flat Iron

I'm a huge fan of street art and when I heard about Shoreditch, I knew I had to have a look. Ian heard that the area (around East London) had a reputation for being more 'unsafe' than the usual cafĂ© and shopping areas around Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus etc., but I insisted on visiting the area AND THE STREET ART WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING. I went around taking photos of as much street art as I could and I was just so wowed by all the talent. Some had 3D effects and all, it was just mind blowing (to me) lol. My mum and Ian weren't as interested in the street art as I was so we went to check out the shops (fashion + food) at BOXPARK, a pop-up 'mall'. More details at their website! Ian had a steak & ale pie, it was soooo good.
In the evening, we went to shop around Piccadilly Circus (or at least I think I was there, had no idea where I was that night actually lol) before meeting Evelyn for dinner at Flat Iron. The steak. Oh god, the steak. I don't remember why I didn't snap any photos of it but IT WAS FREAKING YUMMY. And so were the sides. Then, (totally unexpected) the lights dimmed, birthday song in the background and I saw the waitress with a tray of cakes walking towards me before I recalled - oh right it's my birthday! Haha (it's been a long time since I got surprised on my birthday) all thanks to Evelyn and Ian <3 Probably the most memorable birthday celebration in my life thus far.

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