Friday, 21 November 2014

Shot by Leona | Part B(asics With a Twist)

Photos by Leona aka OHNANAZ
Leather jacket | Selected Femme (via ASOS)
Pleather shorts | H&M
Leather heels | Kurt Geiger
White shirt | Zara Girls

The next (out of 3) looks I shot with Leona; check out the first one too if you haven't!

Obviously, the 'basics' I refer to in the title are actually items which are considered a must-have basic in my wardrobe (or probably the wardrobe of every other fashionista I know)! A good leather jacket can make the simplest of outfits really chic. There's no denying my love for leather, especially leather jackets. And (almost) everyone in super sunny Singapore owns a pair of shorts, right? I found this faux leather shorts at H&M and yaye I'm so glad it fits (I'd be even happier if it was genuine leather, though). Only downside is that it gets a little sticky around the waistband if I start to sweat ._.

Now, on to this leather jacket. Amazing, I know. When I saw it on sale on ASOS I just had to get it. Nevermind the overlong sleeves (my short arms expected that), a grey leather biker jacket wasn't easy to come by PLUS this isn't just a plain grey leather jacket. The grey gradient really got to me (that's the twist I was talking about lolol). I'm not usually a fan of dip dye/tie dye (still aren't) and all those stuff but there's just something about the colours on this jacket that I love. Or rather, colour (singular), since there're only light grey, grey and dark grey lol. Maybe that's why I like it - it's like bringing all my favourite shades of grey together on one jacket.

And finally, the most basic item (literally) - a plain white shirt. I might have just found the perfect white shirt (for me) Finally, no overlong sleeves and length. The material is super comfortable and breathable too. Just, perfect. Thank god for Zara Girls.

Oh and did I mention, these heels are one of my most comfortable pair of heels (I can run in them!). I love heels with minimal platform and pointy toes are my thing. I've bought several pointy flats/heels during my europe/uk trip so far, can't wait to style them back in Singapore! I don't really want to wear them while I'm here because the weather can be super unpredictable sometimes and I don't want to get caught in the rain while wearing my new shoes. And I think I should start praying - that they can all fit into my suitcase when I'm going back to Singapore.

Stay tuned for my third look and thanks for reading!

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