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Poland | Poznań | Museum of Musical Instruments

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And so here's my post dedicated specially to one of the best museums I've visited in my life thus far (it's not like I've been to many, but still).

I didn't read up much about the museum before (or even after lol) I visited it so here's what I ripped off the website about museums in Poznań:

The Museum of Musical Instruments was established in 1945 by Zdizsław Szulc. It is one of the few such museums in Europe, the only one in Poland.
The collection prides itself on the stringed instruments, especially violins (16th-20th c.) including a violin by Marcin Groblicz and by Dankwart, as well as instruments by Italian masters (Amati, Testore, Gaudagnini, Maggini).
The Chopin Salon exhibits the composer's memorabilia related to his stay in Wielkopolska, including the grand piano he used during concerts in Antonin (South Wielkopolska).

Don't ask me which piano in the photos above (I took photos of almost every single piano in the exhibition because I love 'em so much) was played by Chopin because I don't read descriptions when I visit a museum lol. Almost every piano amazed me in one way or another. They had a double-sided piano (or whatever those type of pianos are called - the kind where two people can play together facing each other- if anyone knows, please tell me!) and pianos where the white keys are black and the black keys are white (Ian said they look like chocolate HAHA). The attention to detail while constructing the instruments is out-of-the-world amazing. There are mother-of-pearl-like details on some instruments and the carvings on every piece is so exquisite. Some of the piano keys look so pretty I wanted to touch them but my mum said they were cracking and told me not to in case they crumbled in my hands and we had to pay for it sigh.

Few of my favourite pieces include the double-sided piano (of course!), the guitar with really exquisite and pretty mother-of-pearl details and the music-score typewriter. It's as though a normal typewriter isn't cool enough. They had one specially for writing music scores. It's so gorgeous I could stare at it all day.

J'aime la musique!
(This is partly why I love Agnès b. so much! Other than their super cute dinosaur, they have tons of slogan tee/accessories which read: J'aime la musique! which is French for "I love music".

Thanks for reading!
Next stop: Kraków

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