Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Austria | Salzburg Day 2 | Hallstatt

Skirt | H&M
Top | Giordano Ladies
Dark grey cardigan | COS
Hooded jacket | Agn├Ęs b.
Boots | Nine West

We hired a private cab (around 1.5 hours drive I think) up to Hallstatt and boy was it disappointing ._. The weather wasn't on our side that day and it was super cloudy sigh. We drove past the Red Bull HQs on the way up and it was super duper cool. The tourguide/cab driver was super nice and stopped at the roadside to let me get a quick photo.
When we reached Hallstatt, we went into the salt mine up in the mountain because it was drizzling nonstop in the village and there were talks about plate tectonics and all. It's one of the oldest salt mines in Europe and it was still in use! And then we got to slide down a 100m slide (now that's cool) and it was the best 10s of my time spent in Hallstatt I think. (and I managed to make my mum slide down w me lolol) We also took a ancient-ish rail train out of the salt mine and that was a nice ride too. Best of all, IT WAS SNOWING UP IN THE MOUNTAINS! It was super cool (and fucking cold). The wind was damn strong and all the snow was just flying in my face and everywhere else lol. And I'm still really happy I managed to catch my mum smiling in the snow on camera. Probably one of my best photos here.
Went back to Salzburg with the intention of visiting the fortress but it was too late and we knew we couldn't make it in time for their last entry. Really bumped that I didn't get to visit the fortress and I think Hallstatt would be super gorgeous (town by the sea) when it is sunny, ohwell.
We just walked around the city centre that night and had dinner at this seafood place (I think it's a chain restaurant in Austria). What really attracted us initially were the yummy looking seafood in the display. The paella looks good but tasted so-so, but the pan fried fish was amazing.

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Next up: Vienna (Austria)

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