Sunday, 28 December 2014

Austria | Vienna | Day 1

Leather Jacket | Mango Kids
Printed sweatshirt & necklace | Agnès b.
Jeans | Zipia
Boots | Nine West

My mum and I took a train from Salzburg to Vienna and spent our first day there just walking around the city. It was horribly gloomy and windy that day. We had rice for lunch that tasted a whole lot like chicken rice in Singapore and my mum loved it haha. The grand looking cathedral was super gorgeous and was right in the middle of the main shopping district but sadly it was under renovation/reconstruction when we were there. Many other beautiful sculptures/architecture were covered in this net-like thing, which I guess is used to prevent any parts of the sculptures from falling off and hitting people/kids picking on the precious statue. Looks really hideous in photos though, ohwell. The shops in Austria are really pretty on the outside, kind of just makes people want to walk in and shop LOL.

Bought this Mango Kids jacket in Salzburg and it fits me perfectly. The sleeves aren't too long and the shoulders fit really well. I thought twice before getting it though, because of the colour. it's pretty bright, more like a purple-ish hue rather than the usual burgundy.

More on Vienna in my next Austria post, thanks for reading!

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