Monday, 29 December 2014

Austria | Vienna | Day 2

Knit dress | ASOS Petite
Boots | Zara Kids
Coat | Gingersnaps

Walked around the museum quarter on our second day in Vienna, or rather, around the back of the museum quarter, because I've heard that there were tons of really nice street art there and I was really pleased with what I saw haha. Although the area wasn't massive, the street art there was really cool.
There was a massive ferris wheel on the map we had and I thought it was some sort of tourist attraction so I thought okay I shall have a look at it. When we got to the area, it was just a deserted theme park with tons of rides and it look a little creepy lol. And when we finally got to the ferris wheel (which I think it was the one stated on the map), it wasn't even big. At all. -.- And I'm guessing either the theme park closed down or it only opens in summer.

We took a bus to the outlet mall around noon and in the end, neither of us bought much. Well at least we tried. Lol. That said, the sunset was amazing. And we had really good chocolate pear cake at a café there. Really tried to photograph the unique square neckline of this knit dress (which I felt was a little too long for my petite frame, given that it was such a heavy fabric) but I think the neckline didn't really show. Love this dress and I even bought the exact same one in grey because it fits really well (I bought size UK2) though the length is a little long for my liking.

More on my last day in Vienna/last day in the Europe trip with my mum in the next post on Austria, thanks for reading!

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