Thursday, 1 January 2015

Austria | Vienna | Day 3 (Last Day)


Round neck L/S wool top | COS
V-neck knit top | United Colours of Benetton
Leather Jacket | Mango Kids
Jeggings | Topshop
Boots | Zara Girls
Bag | Bally
Necklace | Agnès b.
Mummy's draped cardigan | Massimo Dutti

And this marks the end of our Europe trip! (It's also my grad-trip+birthday gift+ probably christmas & new year gifts too.)
We visited the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna and it was really pretty (plus good weather!). Managed to make my mum walk all the way up with me to look at the amazing view. Brought my new bag out for the first time, bought it in Bicester Village when I was in London in October. It was a bag I have been eyeing for quite some time, almost bought it in Sg but the piece I saw in Sg was the last piece they had and it had some scratches so I didn't get it. Was contemplating between the red one and this black one but the store in Bicester Village didn't have the red one so that made my decision much easier haha. I love the shape and drapey-ness of it, super soft leather (which means it's really vulnerable to scratches etc.) and the fact that the zips are both gold and silver. (will do a close-up shot of it when I get back to Sg) It's really cool, one side of the zip is gold and the other is silver. As much as a silver person I am, I do wear some gold jewellery at times (probably once a year), so it's always good to have that matching option! This bag is from a past collection so it was on sale. My mum and I went to the Bally store in Vienna's city centre to check out the new collection, and holyshit the new collection had this bag in another type of leather, which I absolutely preferred (note: it's a lot less vulnerable to scratches). Ahh. Ohwell._. I did manage to get one of my favourite wallets of all time there though! It has a perfect colour combination and is made from one of my favourite types of leather for wallets and purses. More on that when I actually start using it when I get back to Singapore!

Dinner was Italian and it was so good. Prawn risotto and mussels with white wine. Perfect.

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