Saturday, 20 December 2014

Sheer Silk

Silk top | Raoul
Waxed denim skirt | Mango
Bag | Balenciaga
Shoes | Kookai
Sunglasses | DVF
Watch | Hugo Boss
Necklace | Agnès b.

Got this top at a sale (80% off!) at Isetan (along with some other awesome items too) and it's super comfy - 100% silk, of course! It's a really simple top with a non-sheer front and a slightly sheer back (took my mum and I a long time trying to capture the sheer detail on camera). And so I kept the silhouette really simple with one of my favourite (and very edgy) denim skirts.
Zipped the zips on my mini papier bag all the way down to make the shape less boxy and formal (and also more roomy). Of course, the light grey steered the entire outfit away from being totally dark. When I first went to the Balenciaga shop in London earlier this year, I was looking for this bag in red but the particular store didn't have it. And then I saw this colour (a very common colour in my wardrobe) but felt that it was not going to be easy to style it. And gosh was I so wrong. It goes with almost everything I have. And quite a unique colour, I would say. As small as it looks (and sounds - MINI Papier), IT CAN FIT MY DSLR! Ain't that amazing haha. That's really an important factor I consider each time I buy a bag. Only downside (other than maintenance due to the light colour) is that it doesn't have a zip closure. The main (and only) closure is a magnet, so I don't feel safe carrying it to places where pickpockets might frequent in case I get pickpocketed lol. It's really convenient for the user though, I bring it out for causal meals a lot.

Another awkward ending but still, thanks for reading!

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