Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Austria | Salzburg Day 1

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The weather was amazing when we arrived in Salzburg. Super duper sunny but still a little chilly, just the kind of weather I adore! My mum and I reached in the afternoon and there wasn't much time for us to visit the popular attractions before the shops closed (most shops close between 5-7pm) so we just spent the rest of the day walking along the river and shopping. I bought an amazing (NOT BLACK) leather jacket from mango kids which I've been eyeing for some time.

The hotel we chose to stay in was amazing. The guys at the reception are super helpful and the view from my window was seriously incredible. Actually, Salzburg has been a super cool city experience for me. I've never stayed so close to a mountain or stroll casually shopping so close to the mountains before! I was really pleased that we got a room with such an amazing view haha. Had lunch at one of the restaurants recommended in the hotel's dining list (the hotel provided a list of pretty good restaurants + descriptions of places to grab food around the area and the city because they don't have their own restaurant). It was a traditional eatery/cafĂ© like place that's somewhat in half a level lower than street level. The food was really good and I really loved the pear juice. (kind of embarrassing: I asked whether the juice was fresh or bottled - somehow I think bottled juices served in restaurants are always not as good, idk why- and the waitress looked and me weirdly and replied that the juices are in a bottle but they are fresh and came directly from the farms nearby). There were many flavours available and I picked pear (one of my favourite) and it was really so so good.

While shopping around, I was really amazed by how pretty the shop signs are (as always). If only the shop signs in Singapore are that pretty ._. AND LOOK AT THAT MCDONALDS SHOP SIGN. Even the Macs in Salzburg has such a pretty shop sign lol.
There was a (apparently famous) bridge my mum and I stumbled upon but I don't recall its name. Like many other bridges in the world, there were many locks with couples' names written on it, and I got really amused when I saw the hugeass lock which was at least 3 times bigger than most other locks LOL. Got loads of photos with the sun and playing around with the sun rays, I'm a huge fan of shooting in sunlight and shooting the sun itself. I love sunshine when it's cold but I prefer when the rain when it's warm!

Had dinner at a really cool seafood place (once again, recommended by the hotel): it doesn't have a menu. The 'restaurant' was kind of like in a 'pop-up' setting along one of the smaller roads but it certainly isn't just a temporary pop-up. (I think it has been there for ages). It's super popular with the locals and everyone seemed to know the place well except my mum and I (so we were kind of awkwardish in there initially lolol. We were sitting there waiting for someone to show us a menu but none came and then we figured we gotta order at the counter. There was a showcase of all the fresh seafood and we just pointed to the chef which items we wanted and they'll cook it in a way that best brings out the flavour of the chosen seafood (unless there're special requests). So there we have it, the best scallops I've ever had in my life. Fresh, sweet and melts in the mouth.

We booked a half-day private tour to a nearby area called Hallstatt because it looks so pretty in photos but on our second day in Salzburg, the weather was absolutely crappy and I was so disappointed with the trip to Hallstatt, I think it would have been way prettier in summer or when it was less cloudy & sunnier. That said, I managed to get some lovely photos AND IT WAS SNOWING WHEN WE GOT THERE (kind of). More on that in the next post about Austria!

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