Sunday, 11 January 2015

Tailored Classics

Shirt | Zara
Shorts | Mango
Bag | Balenciaga
Shoes | Robinsons
Watch | Grandeur (Isetan)
Bangle | Agnès b
Necklaces | Taipei

Went grocery shopping in one of my favourite heartland malls: Westgate. (It has two of my favourite stores: COS and Isetan).
I suspect this Zara shirt is part of the staff uniform sollection (if they even do have one) because at some (lucky) times, I'd see really classic pieces with size XXS at their sales. Anyhow, whatever the collection is, I'm always happy to meet XXS-sized pieces in Zara (they're really rare).
And so I paired this lovely shirt with one of my favourite tailored shorts (I have this pair in several colours and fabrics) from Mango. The cut (after some alteration) fits me the best so far. Plus they all have side pockets, which I absolutely love.
The face of this watch never fails to make my heart skip a beat because it is just so pretty and well made. I seldom wear it though, because I'm seldom in a mood for white watches, especially one that has a patent strap (I kind of dislike wearing patent usually). No idea what put me in a mood for it that day but well, here it is!

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