Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pastel Houndstooth

Skirt, heels & necklace | Taipei
Draped outerwear | Izzue
Bag | Longchamp

Scored this gorgeous pair of faux leather heels in Taipei (wufenpu) in Summer (2014) for only 200nt (~ 10 SGD) because it was the last size available - and it fits me perfectly! It's made in Korea and VERY comfortable. I bought it despite the gold detail (I think it's a nice detail but I don't usually wear gold) because I always love a nice pointed pair of heels and I was going to a club at night but didn't bring any heels from Sg. Plus it's textured, something I don't already have in black. I survived the entire night in this pair and my feet were barely sore. I can even manage a bit of running in them! One of my best buys that trip.

Added this adorable little squirrel necklace to my collection of dainty necklaces that trip too, at a little boutique called Orange (if I didn't remember wrongly) in the dong qu area. It's my second time visiting that shop and I bought tons of accessories on both occasions. Some of their accessories might be a bit common but they do have some really special ones.

I'm a huge fan of houndstooth prints and when I saw this skirt in Taipei (in the dong qu area too) in summer (2013) I just couldn't resist getting it. However, it only came in 1 size and was approx 3-4 sizes too big for me. But to be honest it was such a gorgeous print (plus it's PASTEL!) I didn't care. I bought it anyway and had it tailored to fit me - and one of the best things about the tailor I visit often: I can customise some little details if I wanted! I'm a huge fan of pockets and in this case, I requested for a pair of faux pockets to be made (with extra charges, of course) at the back of the skirt since there were a lot of cloth left after altering. It's subtle little details like that that makes my day!

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