Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Switzerland | Berne | Part 2 - Graffiti Heaven

Switzerland has the hugest pretzels I've seen my entire life.

Graffiti heaven!
But first, more about the amazing accommodation. The room we had was super spacious and big, almost the size of my living room in Singapore! It was super clean and chic, with a small balcony that had a great view (and morning breeze). The room/house decor was kind of minimalist but super chic and comfortable, plus our hosts (only met one of them, though) were super friendly.

Now, GRAFFITI HEAVEN! we passed by the area while we were on the bus the previous day and I just had to get back there. So we did the next day before heading to Interlaken. That place was incredible. Amazing graffiti everywhere and it was almost magical. All those talent. Seriously, if they aren't paid to create such amazing street art it's such a pity. The street art is one of the best I've ever seen. Evelyn and I actually think they might be a club at night or something. We went in the morning and it was pretty empty, only one or two walked by. It was seriously paradise for me because I love street art and we spent quite some time there taking photos. Pac-man, Mickey and magic mushrooms etc. loved everything about it (other than the slightly sticky table tennis tables lol).

Next stop: Wilderswil. Thanks for reading!

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